Sorry for the delay, Ive been (am) super sick from Con*Crud!

Firstly thank you for the compliments!

Kang, if you'd like me to send you the full mix'n'match let me know!


It was a wire hanger that had a blue waxlike coating on it already which was going to help with stabilization, but when I was untwisting the 'hook' it did get in the way, but it worked! From there I shaped it into a circle and QUICKLY taped it. (Hense no pics). From there I took... wait for it... blue electrical tape. Then tied some extra tulle around the top and bottom for helping me tie it to my hair later. (Which ended up looking GREAT as a veil so I left al lot of excess fabric on it.)

The little rods on the side are actually a clay cutter. It's two little wooden rods on the side of a fairly decent wire. Snip went the wire and I used it to secure the rods (after painting them). From there I just carefully wrapped it in the tape. I punched a hole in the center to pull my pony tail through.

The final pic is post con. It held up pretty well! You can see the wire poking out and a bit of the wire hanger where the tape fell off.

That's about it!

DIY headpieces for the win! Though, I seriously suggest making a headpiece out of Sintra when you can, 2mm thick would do just fine in my opinion if you ever decide to find something more durable for it. ^^ Great thinking though, I tend to use clothes hangers that I bend in a circle to make the helmets for my Mando cosplay a bit stronger before I go over them with glassfiber and bondo.