After information was leaked to the Eternal Empire, and our ancient Order was attacked and scattered. Months went by as we remained hidden. With our flagship destroyed and our communications cut off, we became separated and each had to fend for themselves. One Sith Lord sought out the knowledge old to do what was necessary and find the forgotten and secret locations that the Order once held as temples and power bases. Though proving himself was tedious he was eventually able to conquer the trials he would need to in order to lay claim to become the next rightful leader, Darth Ex would prove he had the power and knowledge needed to claim the title of Dark Lord of the Order. He would ensure that even covered in ash, a new Order is <Rising>.

Months later, the Order has rebuild it's self and returned back to it's fundamentals from when it was first formed they sunk back into the darkness and shadows of the Galaxy from where they plot, waiting to strike. Darth Ex has a new direction for the Order, he sees how in-fighting, weakness, and corruption in the Empire's ranks has disabled it from it's true and former glory in the universe. The Order now aims to cull such faults so that the Empire can re-focus on rebuilding and regaining it's fires for war and conquest, all the while seeking retribution against the Eternal Empire. We will strive to redeem the greatness of our Empire, and that it is the only Empire in the known Galaxy. Join us, and with your help the Empire might Rise to it's former place in the Galaxy once again.


*IC/OOC chat channels
*Event Calendar, anyone can offer events for signup
*Master/Apprentice RP available
*Hunter/Agent/Military RP available
*Established (years of guild lore and experience. Formerly esoteric-order on Jung Ma)
*Full guild XP boosts
*Gship and SH available
*Dice combat system (can be waived if combatants agree)

What to expect:
We've recently transferred to Ebon Hawk with new leadership and story. We encourage freedom with RP and that here you'll find friendly members who are all close friends. There will be at least one main event per week, with other events ran by members throughout. Some of us enjoy PvP and others take the PvE route. But at the end of the day, you can expect us to just hang out and run around the stronghold while just chatting and joking around.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for mature members who are looking for a good place to call their home for RP. While we're still growing, we would like new active members who will get involved, and it's very easy to do! Once your character is introduced, you'll find you are free to create your own events and able to sink your character into our lore and ranks.