We are an Enclave of <The Corellian Jedi>, and we are now open to recruitment. We are currently a small guild, and I would like the guild to go no higher than 75 people. We are a Heavy RP guild. We have a fully unlocked Yavin Stronghold (Which ICly is located beyond CoroNet City), and a Guild Ship, a Teamspeak Server, and 10% Guild XP boost. We welcome any who wish to explore and train in the ways of the Green Jedi.

We also have a CorSec division for non-Jedi. Any non-Jedi who joins us will possess the CorSec ranks (Recruit, Officer, Lieutenant, Captain, and Director).

Going through our ranks takes work. Unlike most guilds, we do not hand out higher rankings like candy. You must go through the actual process of being an Initiate or Recruit, learning from Jedi Classes, and taking the Initiate Trials to become a Padawan. Recruits are required to pass training requirements fit for an officer, and that is 2 areas of training: Tactical and Intelligence. Then you must be trained by a Jedi Knight or Master to become a Jedi Knight. For Officers, you must train in 4 fields of expertise to be evaluated and approved for Lieutenant rank. More information is on our website, seen below.

Green robes are an absolute requirement for Corellian Jedi. We will be supplying the dyes for you to apply to your robes when you join. Please do NOT apply this dye to leveling armor (Green/Blue armor). If you do apply the dye to Green or Blue armor, please put that robe in your Outfits section of your character sheet (Press C and on the right you have character outfit slots on the right). CorSec, while they do wear some light orange, it's not a requirement. CorSec are free to dress how they choose.

Our website is: http://tcj.enjin.com/

We hope to see you as a part of our community.