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<Aliit Rodarch> (Mandalorian Recruitment Drive)

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What is Aliit Rodarch?

We are a Heavy PvP-RP based Clan that originally was formed on the Jung Ma server. This means that most of our RP involves some sort of PvP either in the forms of duels or World PvP against other Imperial/Republic guilds that follow our same rule sets.
What is to be expected from Aliit Rodarch?

Being that we are heavy PvP-RP you can expect an in-depth RP story for your character to fit into. However, you can also expect many warzone ques either regular or ranked warzones. This means you will be expected to get PvP gear with our help as well as augments on your PvP set of gear, again with our help. Over the past year Rodarch has been an example in the World PvP scene and we continue to look for new Vod’s to grow our ranks.
What is our Goals?

Our goal is to create a Mandalorian story arc based around our Aliit in RP. We are designing many RP’s to help achieve this but our always wanting more help. Our other goal is to break the boundaries between RP and PvP. This means we are wanting to get rid of the idea that you can’t RP and PvP at the same time. In our Aliit you will see what it means to be a True Mandalorian in the sense that we fight with honor and we RP with honor.
OOC statements:

We are a growing guild that was founded by a small group of friends who love the Mandalorian RP scene. Most people who play SWTOR have grown tired of all the Mandalorian Clans popping up but on Jung Ma we were the only Mandalorian Clan left by the time the server collapsed. This means we are built well and have a strong group of leaders. If you want a Mandalorian Clan that is not going to RP as Mandalore and sticks to Lore then we are for you.
Our Story:

Aliit Rodarch was established during the Cold War around 3653 BBY. The Aliit was known for its intense fighting style and strength in combat. However, they were destroyed by the Republic before the Treaty of Coruscant. At least all but two… Chernan Rodarch and Alamor Rodarch were the last remaining vode in Aliit Rodarch by the time Zakuul had invade the Galaxy. Seeing the need to reform the Aliit, Alamor and Chernan decided to find their old friends from Clan Desh’ar and recruit them into the newly reformed Aliit Rodarch. The recruitment was a success and the Aliit was reformed under a new Alor, Alamor. Since Alamor was from the original Aliit Rodarch many of the principles were kept in the neo Rodarch. The fresh Evaar’la Verde were trained by the best tacticians and combatants in the Mandalorian Culture and were officially an elite fighting force once more. Their first test on the battlefield came against the Republic and the 203rd, otherwise known as Alpha Company. The fight was the Aliit’s first together but it was evenly settled before returning back to camp. Their second battle came in the form of aid for the New Era and the Sith that follow it. The fight was again against the 203rd and victory was achieved. Now the Aliit is refocused on getting new vode to fill her ranks.

-We require members to obtain Beskar or Mandalorian armour.
-We require saber wielding classes to use vibroblades except Sorcs since we follow the Mandalorian Knights in Lore.
-We require members to apply to the forums for events and RP information.
Aliit amenities:

-Enjin forums
-Guild Flagship for RP/Wpvp support
How to be Recruited:

You can join the Aliit by either contacting any member in game by searching Rodarch under the "who" tab. Or click the link to our forums and apply and we will contact you in game.
Posted Jul 10, 16 · OP · Last edited Jul 11, 16
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Still active and growing rapidly.
Posted Jul 24, 16 · OP
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