Hello all!

I'm a member of a -very- small, tight-knit RP guild called House L'ludaeth. It's primarily a Sith guild, but non-Sith characters are welcome as well! We have a guild storyline and multiple decorated strongholds to RP in. ICly, House L'ludaeth is a prestigious pro-Imperial, anti-Zakuulan Sith house. It's relatively new (only about fifty years old), but it nonetheless has achieved a degree of influence and affluence that make it a noteworthy entity within the Empire. The current head of the house, Darth Valthris, operates in the Sphere of Mysteries; his sister, Darth Anvoza, works in the Sphere of Technology; and Valthris' youngest daughter, Lady Jivani, is part of the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy. Much of their success can be attributed to having their hands in a lot of different pots and to their avoidance of conflict with fellow Sith and Imperials.

What We're Looking For -

As I mentioned, we're a small guild, so it's crucial that all members get along OOCly. Also, because we're a small guild, we have little use for gung-ho "officership seekers" who crave rank within a guild. We're more chill than that, so please take your OOC ambitions and drama elsewhere.

We're looking for someone who can be reasonably active. We don't schedule most events, but rather we just decide whether or not to RP at any given time based on who's on and what everyone's feeling up to. This means that if you're not on your guild character much, or if you're only going to log on if an RP event is predetermined, then you're probably going to miss out a lot of the time. We in no way expect your guild toon to be your only toon - or even your primary toon - but it should be a character your enjoy playing frequently. (We are a primarily EST guild, FYI.)

I also want to mention that our RP sometimes involves adult themes, so please be 18 years or older in real life.

As far as IC roles that we're looking for, here are some general ideas:
- A member of House L'ludaeth's armed forces. This includes Sith lords, apprentices, trusted agents, military personnel, etc.
- A vassal lord. Being an entity of influence, House L'ludaeth has been known to support or strengthen smaller houses in return for oaths of fealty.
- A blood relative. This truthfully has limited options, but we'll certainly listen to any ideas!

If you're interested or have any questions, please feel free to message me through Enjin! Please understand that we don't hand out guild invites lightly (hence our small size), as we want to do our best to ensure that everyone will be comfortable with each other OOCly. Having said that, we'd love to meet up and RP and see where things go!

Hope to hear from some of y'all soon!!!