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The Forever Market

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"Welcome to the Forever Market! Have no fear, this is as safe as any other place on the Smuggler's Moon. If you know what that means, then you truly have nothing to fear. Now come, follow me as I show you the sights and the great places you can visit. See, here we cater to all tastes and needs, as Nar Shaddaa's laws permit, of course, and you can find everything you want.

Over there, clothing from all planets and cultures, all fabrics and tastes! You wish to wear sassy Alderaanian silks? Perhaps tough Gamorrean leather? Or the practicality of synth-cotton? We have it all, and our resident tailors, the famous Devaronian siblings, Crimson and Gossamer, are perfectly knowledgeable of all anatomies and fashion designs, and their skill is quite as sharp as their needles and horns!

Please, watch as the Triplets banter like rabid gnats, each offering the best junk and scrap you can find. It´s quite amusing to see them, three little Jawas, almost fighting for clients, even though they all share the same suppliers and the same bank account. There´s nothing that those three little hellions don´t do for profit and a hot deal!

Ah, look, Miss S'mat has the latest speeder models, all customizable to fit all shapes and sizes, ready to fly you all over our beautiful moon. There are also great classics of olden times S'mat herself fixed from rusty ruin. That woman is keen on bending durasteel to her will and her hands are amazing with tools of all kinds!

There´s so much more to see here! Our bars serve all kinds of beverages, our restaurants know exactly what the client desires. And, if your credits flow freely, we´ll show you our most wonderful delights, our special fleshly and non-fleshy treats that are ready to please our clients in any way imaginable! Pity you could not meet Graunna, the Hutt. He's our top patron and handpicked most of the treats himself. You´d be surprised at how tasteful his Enormity truly is!

See, the Forever Market is the perfect place for everyone. You should come here more often, and bring in your friends, your family, your colleagues. I´m sure we can serve them all, just need to find out exactly what they want. This is the place to see it all, to experience it all. Our greatest concern here is you!"


Deep in the Free Market Zone of the Smuggler´s Moon, the Forever Market has nothing that makes it stand out. Vendors from all corners of the galaxy present their many goods, looking to please and satisfy customer with extremely simple or bizarrely extravagant tastes. In dark corners of the seediest pubs inside the venue's grounds, obvious criminal deals are made. In the alleys between stores, the poor dregs of society wallow in hunger, fight for garbage, or let their minds fly in toxic hazes of the lowest-quality spice. From time to time, their patron Hutt visits the venue, speaks a few words, talks to a few dignitaries, receives gifts and watches some sort of entertainment. Pickpockets are loose in the crowd, muggers are some times caught, even the occasional murder alarms the customers and stirs the local activity. The Forever Market is not better or worse than any other market in any other sector of Nar Shaddaa.

The Forever Market is perfect.

It is perfect for its obvious seedy side. The obvious suspicion one throws on every patron, every store owner or servant, every passer-by. The obvious awareness that people there can be informants, spies, crime lords, assassins, or simpletons visiting a place in search of fun, daring to risk life, limb and credit pouch. It is due to those reasons that the Market does exactly all that and more.

Indeed, patrons, store owners and servants need to be suspected, for they are informants, spies, crime lords and assassins. They are the servants of a higher cause that even themselves are unaware of. They believe they serve Graunna, the Hutt. But the slug serves a secret employer, who, in turn, serves another, and another, and another. Connected via several intricate deals and allegiances, the true masters of the Forever Market all serve the Shadow Web. And none of them even suspect its very heart lies underneath the Market grounds.

Behind old, dusty GTN stands, a door leads the few select ones to the core of the Web, the lair of the Spider Queen. Inside, Cteniz-droids operate the advanced surveillance machines and keep the computers going. All over the facility, the Portia use their terminals to scour the Holonet in search of well-guarded information, bringing down firewalls and secrets, servers and lies. In the middle of it all, the Spinners never rest, a group of people and droids dedicated to cross-referencing data from sensors, scanners, terminals, flight logs, holocams, spy reports and much more, all to be fully aware of what happens in every corner of the Galaxy.

Very few people receive the privilege of visiting the Market and the Web´s Core. Not all of the Oathbound leadership have seen it, though they are aware of some of the resources the Spider Queen has in her grasp. In the underworld of information, it´s hard to trust others, even if they are paying your salary, driving you around or measuring your body for a new suit. You never know how sharp those needles really are.

"The night unfurls; new oaths are sworn."
Posted Jun 22, 16 · OP
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VERY NICE! d^_^b
Posted Jun 22, 16
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