We're the <Crusaders of the Oath>, an RP/PVP/PVE/Social guild who walk the path of a Knight. We do not adhere to Light or Dark, but our own interpretation of our Oath. We are not Jedi. All classes, races, and alignments welcome. To be a Knight, a Crusader, takes courage, stamina, endurance, strength, and determination. It's the heart of a true warrior, and he or she brings these oaths and vows with them across the Galaxy against any who dares openly challenge his or her faith in what they interpret the Oath's meaning.


WHO ARE WELCOME: All classes, all alignments, all races. The Oath is self-interpreted, as it is a neutral banner, but those who follow may do so without breaking it as long as your interpretation is just in your heart, mind, and soul. Force-Sensitive or non Force-Sensitive, you could possess the will of a Knight, and Crusade in behalf of the banner.

HOW TO JOIN: Search for 1: Coronasphere, 2: T'homlan, 3: Hapinkathy, 4: Crylord/Cryndo.

Look forward to having you amongst us.