Quick Information

In-Character Location: A cantina located inside a Sand People village near Mos Eisley on Tatooine


Player Staff: Igdo; owner

NPCs: Sand People villagers throughout the Cantina

Listing: Igdo's Marketplace Cantina

Key Contact: Igdo (Republic), Chieftain Igdo (Imperial)

Stronghold Type: Tatooine Homestead



Created in 14 ATC, Igdo's Sunset Cantina was designed to allow the Sand People of Tatooine interact with various patrons from around the galaxy. Igdo wanted to prove that not all of his people were the monsters they made them out to be. The two years it was in operation were fantastic. Igdo met great people, interacted with the community, and did much to help his cause. At the end of 16 ATC, the Sunset Cantina was bombed by an unknown enemy force. Igdo fell out of the public eye after that, and from then on only used the Cantina as a camp for his tribe.

Finally, in 21 ATC, Igdo's Sunset Cantina is opening its doors once again...


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