I am Darth Shaddoe of House Mox. As a representative of the Ministry of Logististics, I would like to invest into your future. Despite the setback of the war against the Eternal Empire, our ministry has negotiated a mutually beneficial deal with Emperor Arcaan, and Mox Industries would like to extend to you an opportunity to be a part of this prosperity. We offer three ways for you to better yourself by bettering Imperial society: As a partner, an employee, or an indentured.
Ultimately, we are Sith, and we want to promote Sith creativity and ingenuity. Are you a Sith Lord looking to expand his or her powerbase by exploring new avenues of production or do you have a product that no one has seen before but believe that it will perpetuate the growth of the Sith Empire? Then we want to talk to you.

We believe that innovation is paramount for the growth of the Sith Empire, but that takes money, resources, and time. Many of you might have the time, but resources and credits can be hard to come by in this world where our gracious overlords from Zakuul need so much. That is exactly where Mox Industries comes in.

Mox Industries is birthed out of slave-trading. Our wealth of finances and labor can be at your command, if you are the right candidate for partnership with Mox Industries.

Imperials, citizens and military, can possibly find their place at Mox Industries, too. Although we are run by a Sith House, we are ultimately a corporation, furthering the growth of our Sith Empire. That includes the citizens of the Empire.

Today’s economy has left many citizens unemployed or stuck in a job with no place to go. Mox Industries could end that for you. We personally employ all walks of people, from corporate executives, house guards, to engineers. Beyond working for with product interchange, you could find a place under another industrial Sith Lord who has partnered with House Mox. These positions can range from medic to archeologist; it’s totally up to the needs of that particular partner.

If you have what it takes to add to strength of the Empire, then you need to apply to Mox Industries.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have steady work. Sometimes, we run into hard times; economic slumps like the one we are in right now hit some people harder than others. But all is not lost. Even if you owe thousands of credits to some slimy Hutt gangster, we can get you back on your feet.

Our indentured servant program will allow you to work off your debt and make a positive contribution to the Empire. For the appropriate candidate, Mox Industries will negotiate with your debt holder in exchange for a predetermined number of months based on the debt owed. In exchange for your service, Mox Industries will provide you with shelter, food, and adequate apparel. Even if you’re down on your luck, Mox Industries can help you provide.

Join us!

Mox Industries will be filling many positions in all areas. If any of the above fits you, then contact Darth Shaddoe’s office; we will get you started.

Glory to the Empire and to the Empress on the throne. May the Force serve you well.

Darth Shaddoe
Head of House Mox
Chairman of Mox Industries

Guild Leader: Shaddoe
IC location:
Mobile on the flag ship or the estate on Korriban
OOC location:
US timezones, leaning toward the west coast because many like to stay up late.
Shaddoe, Daidra Sek'rath, Suy'layia, Xorl, Ehulua, Nathaleigh, or Armenta

Mox Industries focuses on the business and the politics of running a division of multiple Sith houses. Although many of us came from a neutral guild, Mox Industries is fully Imperial with all the benefits and consequences that come with that. Publicly, members of the guild will side with the Eternal Empire and Darth Acina's decisions, but under the surface, there is a growing resistance.

We are a smaller guild but we all love to roleplay in the Star Wars: The Old Republic galaxy. If you think that you would be a good fit, then please feel free to apply on our website.