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<Isatre Nelasya> Hard Core Ancient Sith Guild

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Guild Name: Isatre Nelasya

Guild Name Translation: Eternal Divine Service

Guild Type: Hard Core Sith RP

Age Limit: 17+

Recruiting: All classes, primarily Sith


Guild Site Blurb:

"To Be Named Sith, Is One Thing. To Be Sith, Is Another." - Darth Enridian

Isatre Nelasya, Eternal Divine Service. Formed from shattered fragments of the failed Sith Empire, Isatre Nelasya is a small powerbase within the One Empire of the Katarian Nebula.

Ruled over with supreme authority by Emperor Enridian, Isatre Nelasya exists to preserve and enforce the teachings and practices of the True Sith. Traditions, ceremonies, rituals, rites, and customs, all preserved throughout the centuries by Darth Enridian, will be re-introduced to those who prove worthy within the Order.

And for those select few, who prove themselves devoted servants of the Emperor, there awaits a prize beyond all imagining.

Those within the Order are granted freedom and power to pursue their own agendas, with the strict understanding that they may never raise hand against their fellows, and, should the Emperor call, they must heed.

Short Backstory:

Isatre Nelasya was formed by the ruler of the One Empire of Katar. Based upon the principles of Honor, Passion, Pride, Order, and Justice, the singular goal of Isatre Nelasya is expanding the influence of the One Empire back into the known galaxy.

Thousands of years ago, a great power was born. Known then as Zeira Hindron, this Celestial child was slaughtered by his mother. But he did not die. His essence divided into five pieces, each one drifting to a location strong in the Force.

For millennia, these entities drifted upon their planets, until finally, nearly two centuries after the Great Exodus of the Sith Empire, a rogue Sith Lord journeyed to Korriban.

Drawing upon the power of the ancient entity, he sought to use it as a weapon. Forging a Sithspawn body from many different species, the Sith then conjured the entity and bound it to the creation.

Thus, was born, Darth Enridian in his first physical form since his death at the hands of his mother.

Retreating from known space, Enridian vanished behind a hypergate, finding and claiming a dead galaxy for his own. Slowly, over the years, he restored life to what was lifeless, and forged an Empire built upon the principle of worship and complete faith in one's leader.

Now, the One Empire seeks to return. And claim what is rightfully theirs.
Posted May 3, 16 · OP · Last edited May 8, 16
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Doors are still wide open for any Sith seeking a home, and a unique RP opportunity.
Posted May 8, 16 · OP
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By Sith do you mean the professions or species?
Posted May 31, 16
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I mean the title. Being a member of the Sith Order
Posted May 31, 16 · OP