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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [1333]
Sun at 1:12
A bounty hunter in armor of vaguely-Mandalorian style has been spotted shopping on the Promenade. He appears to be looking for infant-sized clothes. (Eksa [alt code 0228 on the "a"] Bendak, Empire, Nar Shaddaa instance 3, coordinates X -1083 Y -712)
Sun at 2:45
The hunter has made his purchases and departed.
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X-Faction Bounty Collector's Stronghold

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The Stronghold

Owner: Bounty Collector (Imperial)

Stronghold: Bounty Collector's Stronghold, Nar Shaddaa

Location: Nar Shaddaa

Premise: Simply known as The Stronghold, the large structure boasts as being completely neutral territory, providing goods, services, and basic lodging for any and all who step foot upon its premises. A scarred Rattataki known only as The Bounty Collector, along with his automated staff, oversees operations and security while not involving himself in the business of his guests. It is a safe haven for all, regardless of political leanings, to be able to meet with clients, acquire contacts, and gather information.

Security: Fully automated, each room of the stronghold is equipped with motion and heat sensing turrets, designed to lock onto potential threats to the peace.

Notes: Please feel free to let me know what you think, or stop by and visit! If you'd like a key, let me know either in game or here (especially if you're Pub side, since I'm not on there often at all). Rh'zialle (Imp) and Rh'ziall'e (Pub). Thank you![/center]

What To Expect

Upon reaching the entrance-way, visitors are greeted by a pair of droids and a large news terminal, each of its hovering and rotating screens displaying various networks from across the galaxy, as well as holo-images of known active bounties. Behind them rest reinforced safes for both the Bounty Collector and his guests to safely store whatever they do not wish to carry with them. To date, nothing has been stolen or misplaced.

Spoiler: Show

Comfortable seating and jungle flora decorate the main waiting area of The Stronghold, viewscreens adorning the walls to keep visitors occupied if they care to simply sit and relax. Like the entryway, the long room is well lit, and there is the occasional whir and beeping from the small droids that keep the chamber clean.

Spoiler: Show

Two rooms, each decorated identically, are attached to the waiting area. These are designated for various types of private meetings, complete with a floor safe, astromech, and small droid-manned bar. These are prefect locations to discuss details with clients, touch base with employers, or whatever needs a guest may have.

Spoiler: Show

The Stronghold has its own designated medical facility, staffed by droids with the latest of procedural data, and equipped with top end technology. While small, it is more than adequate to handle most emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Spoiler: Show

Being well armed is the boon of any hunter. Here, at the Stronghold, the Bounty Collector keeps a regular stock of many of the most popular designs of weaponry, ammunition, and explosives. For a price, guests can browse the stores to stock up on all the armament they require to practice their craft.

Spoiler: Show

Farther into the building is a marketplace. Various species gather to sell their wares to any who pass by, with a portion of the profits going to the Bounty Collector himself. For convenience, there is also a terminal linked to the Galactic Trade Network as well. Prices might not be cheap, but the goods tend to be hard to find in the more common, or legal, markets.

Spoiler: Show

Down a flight of stairs, visitors can sit and relax in a cantina setting, complete with serving droids and well stocked cabinets. Holoscreens hang from the ceiling for viewing pleasure, and a gaming table. Like with all other rooms, automated turrets are tastefully hidden to ensure that things do not get out of hand.

Spoiler: Show

To the back of the building, out under the open sky, is laid out a series of bunks, bedrolls, and tents. While not luxury accommodations, it is yet another service provided here within the Stronghold. Guests are allowed to take refuge within these neutral walls for a period of three days, before they will be asked to depart.

Spoiler: Show

Two bounty kiosks decorate either end of the room filled with computer terminals and networking tech. All connections are secured with elaborate encryption systems, encouraging guests to use the facilities for whatever informational needs they may have.

Spoiler: Show

The Bounty Collector is not a humble man, and had set aside an entire chamber dedicated to his trophies. Carbonite frozen marks decorate the walls, captured flags hang from gilded poles, and even the remains of one live acquisitions hang from the ceiling. As an centerpiece, a large hutt, frozen solid, rests on a balcony.

Spoiler: Show
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