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Ketu Enclave

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Quick Information

Owner: Vivek (Republic)

Stronghold: Vivek's Jedi Academy (Yavin 4 Stronghold)
Location: The Ruins of Akar Kesh, Tython
Premise: A makeshift Jedi enclave created to pass down the Jedi Ways during the Eternal Empire's reign
Security: Protected by a multitude of Force Users, in addition to being a well kept secret


In the wake of the Emperor Arcann's war upon the Republic, the Jedi Order was dissolved, scattering the Jedi who did not fall in the Republic's defense to the stars. Among those Jedi was Master Vivek Eron, who took himself and his Padawans into self-exile. When whispers and rumors of hope emerged from the Core Worlds several years later, Vivek returned with the goal of preserving the Jedi Ways for future generations, and provide guidance to those who suffer in the absence of an organized Jedi Order.

Unable or unwilling to return to his enclave on Coruscant, Vivek ventured to Tython to find a suitable location to teach undisturbed. In his search, he discovered the ancient ruins of what he believed to be a temple of the Je'daii Order, the ancestors to the modern day Jedi Order. Unbeknownst to him, although he can only speculate based upon prior knowledge, the ruins are indeed that of Akar Kesh, the Je'daii temple of Balance. Therefore, it was only befitting to name the makeshift enclave after the Temple's ancient overseer, Master Ketu.

Personnel and Security

Ketu Endlave's highest form of security is its exclusivity. Everyone involved understands that the purpose and benefits of the enclave becomes undone if its existence and location are ever shared with the wrong people. That aside, the enclave is overseen by Jedi Master Vivek Eron, and maintained by a rotating set of volunteer Jedi, Sith, and Force Users, who perform custodial duties alongside their studies.

Floor Plan and Amenities

Coming Soon
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