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WARD 13 - Capsule Hotel + 'Refuge' Cantina

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Owner: Permute (Empire)
Keyholders: Permute (Empire), Träce [alt 132] (Empire), Shëo [alt 137] (Republic)
Stronghold: Permute's Marketplace Cantina, Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace
Location: Ward 13, Nar Shaddaa
Premise: Capsule Hotel + Cantina, Underworld/Neutral
Security: Turrets for 'higher class' section, NPC bouncer for downstairs cantina + security cams.
Notes: Free for use for all characters, whether as residences, a cantina to chill in, or flavor for RP scenes. Send me a PM for silver keys. :)

e n t r a n c e

ward 13, a residential block nestled between nar shaddaa's upper industrial and network security sectors, is accessed by a beaten speeder platform.
Spoiler: speeder platformShow

a l l e y

the 'capsule hotel' proper is located immediately inside, bunks and tarps haphazardly built into the alleyway. the grunge is washed away with the neon overhead, and on the eastern end lies some weak security in front of high end apartments and a medical clinic. the western end leads to less-secure apartments.
Spoiler: alleyShow
Spoiler: clinicShow
Spoiler: hi-sec apartmentsShow
Spoiler: low-sec apartmentsShow

a t r i u m

in the adjacent alley, tech and droids surround the capsules; the gatherings of the tinkerers and underworld scientists living in the hotel. grates grant a glimpse of the bazaar below, and thinner alleyways lead downward - dark even with their neon signs. dangerous.

the bazaar is full of life - and various black market goods of all colors. beyond is the loading dock, host to generators keeping the block alive and a handful of tents for those too poor to reside even in the grungiest sections of the hotel.

Spoiler: tech hotelShow
Spoiler: darkened alleysShow
Spoiler: bazaarShow
Spoiler: loading dockShow

l o w e r . l e v e l

beneath the bazaar lies the most decrepit part of the ward - wall panels laying bare, wiring spilling out, cots and capsules mixing together with the debris. one has to pick their way carefully through the ward, living spaces eked out between the junk and tech - here the most desperate reside - or those most in need of somewhere to lay low.

music breaks through the grim filth; down the alley is the entrance to the refuge cantina. it's one of the few safe ports from zakuul's prying eyes - for now. cozy, holding only a handful of tables and playing music one could describe as melancholy, it's a hidden jewel, and a sad reminder of what the vertical city once held.
Spoiler: hotel dregsShow
Spoiler: refuge cantinaShow
Posted Feb 8, 16 · OP · Last edited Feb 8, 16
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I love that you made it like like a part of Nar Shaddaa itself and not a floating block above it. Really Immersive. Will check it out. c:
Posted Feb 9, 16
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Impressive, as Sirenis said that's a pretty sweet idea!
Posted Feb 9, 16
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