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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
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10 hours ago
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Grand Autumn Imperium!

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Somewhere in the outer reaches of the galaxy...

On a remote planet a former Sith noblewoman escapes the invasion of the Eternal Empire, having completed the building of a personal fleet of ships beforehand. Setting up camp on that planet were allies of the young lady's who had come together and were allowed passage on the fleet's flagship. These would become the first Small Council, as the lady styles herself Empress of the newly named Autumn Prime. Her name? Lexi Autumn of Alderaan.

EDIT: Recent updates have ditched the focus on battling Zakuul. What matters is establishing relations with existing governments. The Republic and Sith Empire, of course, and even the Eternal Empire assuming it survives the war. The Imperium is bent on growing its reputation galaxy wide. Arcann has to go, but after he is deposed, the future is open. Adaptation to changing galaxy conditions is key.

OOC: I run this guild, which is about two or three weeks old at the time of first posting. We have bought and decorated Yavin 4 as the Guild Stronghold, and have purchased the Guild Flagship, called the Perfection.

The concept is all about personal freedom of choice. Yes, the Empress Autumn runs things. Yet her methods are more that of a business CEO than a ruler. She understands how to find talented individuals and groups, and set up mutually beneficial partnerships.

There are positions needed for nearly everything. The idea is for full creativity, so bring characters along with any type of background, they can all find a useful place within the Imperium. A royal court can be done for noble style persons. The primary divisions under the Empress are Research and Development (R&D), The Royal Guard who handles security threats covertly, and the Crimson Knights who serve as the Imperium standing army.

No drama at all is allowed, I want no part of any trouble. What happens IC stays IC, and consequences will be had based on a character's words and actions, as in real life.

Cooperation with outside guilds and individuals is greatly sought after. One need not be a member to interact with Imperium people. A kingdom cannot grow if it has no contact with the outside galaxy.

Finally, the Grand Autumn Imperium website link! Visit and see how the concept appeals! I am always happy to answer questions, send a PM to me!

-Lexi Autumn.
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Posted Dec 13, 15 · OP · Last edited Mar 21, 16
Bumping this up. The concept is now a free-flowing one. Edited the original post to reflect what the changes mean.
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Posted Mar 21, 16 · OP