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The Trekali Black Market TradePort (Tatooine Homestead)

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This article will be periodically updated with additions, edits and fancy graphics. Pictures of the Stronghold are located at the bottom under "Locations"

Owner: Mekali (Empire)
Keyholders: NA
Stronghold: Mekali's Trade Emporium (Tatooine Homestead)
Location: Sevarcos II, Base of the Trekali mountains.
Premise: A Hidden Black Market settlement.
Security: Hired Goons, Pirates and old military droids.
Notes: Restricted areas: The Entire upstairs area unless an event is taking place. Down the Elevator is free game for RP. The Theron statue is suppose to represent Mekali (So more or less an angry woman with armor)


"Ah! Hello! Do you have a potential problem you need erased? Evaporated, Vaporized or even disintegrated? Are you looking for a new identity, maybe even someone who'll clean up after the slime you leave behind?! Well look no further potential guest! My Lady, the ever wondrous and most powerful master extends an invitation to anyone and everyone looking to escape the silly little conflicts of the galaxy! My ever gracious master has provided your ship with the coordinates to locate our hidden part of the galaxy!

When you arrive however, we ask that you leave any issues you have at the hanger door or you may be dipped in Carbonite, imprisoned, thrown out or any number of nasty things depending on my Master's temperament . Infact! If you have anything that may explode we ask you leave it aboard your vessel, safety is our number one priority here! So please enjoy your stay and remember! Everything has a price!"
-2V 28
::::MESSAGE END:::::

OOC Information
This is just to let anyone know that if they need a key to contact Kodaash, Mekali or Hadina. These are one of the three characters I'll be floating around on (Koda's my Imp main as Hadina is the Pub main.) The reason I didn't give either of them the SH would be character compatibility problems. But I won't allow it to stop people from enjoying the SH and I actively encourage people use it 110%. If anyone is at all interested in playing a Security role or shop/market stand owner (For right now NPC's own everything) You are free to PM me about that as well, I'm more often than not available here and will promptly respond.

Do keep in mind that while I may not always be around I will be keeping a close eye on the PM box, should anyone cause issues I'll make certain to keep a player name on the ban listings. I'm here to promote fun by adding another setting into the mix of the already vibrant and creative settings that other people have submitted.

Event Policy
People are free to host events within the stronghold at their discretion so long as they do not involve the following: Imperial, Republic, Zakuul Raids on the Market. (Those I would like discussed with me before hand) Planting a bomb in the market (Again, I'd like this to be discussed with me before hand.)

*Bounty Hunters are free to conduct their business in the marketplace without interference from NPC or PC security as long as they are taking down a mark and aren't simply instigating trouble.
IC Information
Spoiler: WormHunter CantinaShow
Spoiler: Munitions ShopShow
Spoiler: Maps And Treasures ShopShow


Spoiler: LocationsShow
Posted Nov 10, 15 · OP · Last edited Nov 10, 15
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Nice! Need more Underworld-esque SHs :) This is another planet right?

Jyanna would be interested in this.

Posted Nov 10, 15
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Aye, this is based on Sevarcos II which is more or less a planet where you can mine spice from what I understand. In the description it talked about how it resembled Tatooine and since I wanted a world that wasn't Tatooine it all fell into place.

I'll be on Koda the majority of today farming my heroics and getting the PVP weekly, so if you need a key just shoot me a whisper. ^_^
Posted Nov 10, 15 · OP