Support Sub-Forum Guidelines

The Support sub-forum (formally 'Bugs and Suggestions') has been redesigned to be the catch-all place for bug reports, questions, suggestions, and feedback related to EBHawk's functionality. Admittedly, there are a lot of rules and posting etiquette that may be intimidating for new members, but they are essential to keeping everything nice and neat, and organized. Fear not! The EBHawk Staff has got your back -- we'll either move/edit things around all ninja-like, or the Community will gently nudge you in the right direction.

How to Post to Support

1. Threads labeled as '[support]' are resources posted by the EBHawk Staff that should be reviewed first.

2. Thread subject-titles should contain one of the following in brackets before the thread's title.

  • [Question] - Any questions related to the website, including its rules or functionality.

  • [Suggestion] - Any ideas for 'quality-of-life' features or better optimization of current features/mechanics.

  • [Feedback] - Any comments or concerns about anything! Doesn't have to be a suggestion, so much as throwing your two cents at us.

3. If the thread warrants it, it will be locked and labeled as 'Resolved'.