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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [1333]
Sun at 1:12
A bounty hunter in armor of vaguely-Mandalorian style has been spotted shopping on the Promenade. He appears to be looking for infant-sized clothes. (Eksa [alt code 0228 on the "a"] Bendak, Empire, Nar Shaddaa instance 3, coordinates X -1083 Y -712)
Sun at 2:45
The hunter has made his purchases and departed.
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Resolved Achievements feedback

3 replies
I understand a lot of work has gone into the site changes, but I would like to request they do not get automatically posted to people's walls.

My main issue with them is that it looks like you posted them to your own wall. Which looks silly. People think I'm weird enough already. ;)

I understand they can be deleted like any other wall post, but if this is going to keep happening... to be polite, I'll just say I'm really not a fan.

People tend to want simplicity, functionality and convenience when it comes to forums. To be blunt, while I do love this community, it is one of *eight* TOR-based forums I look at regularly. And now it's the only one spamming my wall, which isn't a good thing.
Posted Oct 5, 15 · OP · Last edited Oct 26, 16
Until an admin answers with better solutions,

I notice that you have the power to delete the achievements off your own wall. So if they are really embarrassing you, it's within your power to remove them.
Posted Oct 5, 15
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I'mma post whatever i want to my wall!!! I don't cares what peeps b thinking about me on the internets!!! MAH NURD MEDULS BLINGIN' SO FINE!!!

srsly, i like the medals. but i can understand the bit about it looking as if you posted them to your own wall lol, would make more sense if it were enjin that posted the update haha. oh well, as you can see by my above statement, i dont mind at all. my wife already knows im a self proclaiming super dork, who else do i need to worry about embarrassing myself in front of? lol
Posted Oct 5, 15
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Vivek x
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Unfortunately, despite the individual settings on Awards, automations seem to override those settings. The EBHawk staff will try its best to reward members individually to prevent as many Awards from being posted to Users' walls, but in the case of the more widespread Awards that require automations, I recommend simply removing them from your wall.

I also recommend submitting a ticket to Enjin to see if they can correct the issue.
Posted Oct 6, 15