EBHawk Awards

EBHawk features a number of Awards to recognize member participation, both on the website and around the community; and are displayed on users' profiles. However, Enjin is known to be buggy, and EBHawk's Advanced plan limits the number of automations we are allowed to have, forcing the EBHawk staff to manually award users. Therefore, it is likely that there will be errors in Awards being applied correctly.

First, we ask for your patience. Since most of these Awards must be applied manually, it takes time for the EBHawk staff to comb through the forums and the user list. Second, if a significant amount of time has passed (approximately 30 days) and you have not received an Award that you meet the qualifications for, or have received an Award in error, please post a reply to this thread in the following format:

Enjin Username: May be different from your selected display name at any given time.
Award: The name of the award in question.
Proof: Links to specific forum posts, if applicable, that verify you meet the listed qualifications.

Please repost in this format for each award.

List of Awards
(Not All Awards Are Listed)

Note: Awards with a strike-through have not yet been implemented.

Website Awards

User has donated to the EBHawk website.

Member Tag Awards

I've Made a Huge Mistake
Served on the EBHawk Staff as a administrator or moderator.

Green with Envy
Contributed to the EBHawk in a big way.

For the Republic!
Tagged as 'Republic'.

Mixed Loyalties
Tagged as 'Neutral'.

For the Empire!
Tagged as 'Empire'.

Community Specific Awards

Participated in Lesatho’s Battle Royal

Won Lesatho’s Battle Royal

Are You Not Entertained?
Won 3x in Lesatho’s Battle Royal

HoloTune Hero
Wrote a song for Kashira’s HoloTune Heroes

Galactic Anthem
Song achieved Galactic Anthem status in Kashira’s HoloTune Heroes

Won a Hollie Award for Kashira’s HoloTune Heroes

Have a bounty placed on your character in the Contractor’s Board

Bounty Hunter
Successfully attempted a Bounty Contract on the Contractor's Board

Successfully completed an Acquisition from the Contractor’s Board

Successfully completed an Intelligence contract from the Contractor’s Board

Well Known
Reached Tier 2 in the Contractor’s Board

Reached Tier 3 in the Contractor’s Board

Into the Void
Participated in the Network

Professional Slicer
Reached 75 Infamy in the Network