Event Management Guidelines

The Event Management forum board is designed to be the first step in setting up an event or activity for the Community, either on the website or in-game. Event Management can be used to gauge interest in group-wide movements or little things to add to everyone's role play experience. Likewise, it is also the place to openly brainstorm and plan those ideas, especially if enough interest has been garnered, as well serve as an auxiliary place to manage events in tandem to corresponding announcements posted to Upcoming Events. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines when posting to Event Management to clarify the purpose and what stage of the planning process each thread might be at.

Posting a Thread Event Management

1. Thread tags should contain one of the following in brackets before the title.

  • [Interest] - For threads that are simply gauging interest in group-wide projects or initiatives.

  • [WIP] - For projects that are actively being worked on.

  • [Management] - For projects that have been finalized, but require consistent management.

  • [Inactive] - For projects that didn't quite pan out, or have been completed.

2. Thread tags can be edited at any time to more accurately indicate what status it is at.

3. For threads that may eventually be posted to Upcoming Events or Recurring Events, it is highly recommend they be tagged as [Management] or [Inactive], depending on which is more appropriate. The thread's contents should then be refined or re-posted to a more appropriate forum board.