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Bounty Contracts: Rules and Template

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Contractor's Board
The Ebon Hawk Contractor's Board

The Bounty Board

>>Bounty Hunter Guide & Directory<<

The Mark commits an offense against the Client. The Client will proceed to post a public Bounty on the Mark, notifying Bounty Hunters across the galaxy. The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board recognizes two types of bounties that players can engage in: Classic Bounty Contracts and Exposed Bounty Contracts.

Classic Bounty

A Player posts a bounty on their own character(s). By default, all Classic Bounty contract combat is to be conducted and determined by a standard d20 (/roll 20) dice system. Alternatively, the Client/Mark Player may allow PvP combat (/duel) as an acceptable form of contract completion. Rewards are "RP Credits" by default, though actual in-game rewards (e.g. credits, decos, weapons, armor, mounts, other items) are completely optional and encouraged.

Exposed Bounty

A Player posts a bounty on another Player's character(s). Exposed Bounties can be carried out by a standard d20 (/roll 20) dice system by default, and rewards are strictly "RP Credits." Additionally, the Marked Player must be immediately notified of the bounty posted on their character(s), and must confirm or deny their approval as a post-reply or PM to the Contractor Board's moderators. Denied bounties will have their threads immediately locked, and will not be available for completion. Exposed Bounties are subject to increased Moderator scrutiny to resolve conflicts that may arise.

How Do I Post a Bounty Contract?

Every Bounty Contract must be its own thread, tagged with either '[classic]' or '[exposed]' based on the Bounty Type, and must contain the following template for the sake of clarity and uniformity. Additional information and graphics are optional and encouraged. THE TOTALITY OF REWARDS CANNOT EXCEED 1,000,000 Credits.

Copy+Paste entire template. Replace Caps with the appropriate information.


[highlight=#761413][b]WANTED DEAD / ALIVE / DEAD OR ALIVE (CHOOSE ONE)[/b][/highlight]
[highlight=#761413][b]Target:[/b] CHARACTER NAME + IC FACTION ((IN-GAME NAME + FACTION HERE))[/highlight]
[highlight=#761413][b]Known Associates:[/b] CHARACTER IN-GAME NAME + FACTION. MAXIMUM OF 2 CHARACTERS.[/highlight]
[highlight=#761413][b]Reward:[/b][/highlight] CREDIT AMOUNT (IN-GAME CREDITS {CLASSIC ONLY} / RP-CREDITS / OTHER REWARDS)
[indent][b]Reason:[/b] IN-CHARACTER REASON FOR BOUNTY CONTRACT[/indent]

[highlight=#761413][b]Bonus Reward:[/b][/highlight] OPTIONAL BONUS REWARDS
[indent][b]Bonus Conditions:[/b] OPTIONAL BONUS REWARDS CONDITIONS[/indent]


[b]Additional Information / Other Persons of Interest:[/b]


[b]PvP Enabled:[/b] YES/NO
[b]If you have selected wanted dead; do you understand that this may and can result in character death:[/b] YES/NO
[b]Do you consent to character death:[/b] YES/NO
[b]Out-Of-Character Information:[/b]

How Do I Collect a Bounty?

Any character, regardless of level, may undertake a Bounty Contract posted against the designated Mark. How, when, and where a Bounty Hunter tracks and encounters a Mark is entirely at their discretion. Bounty Hunters must defeat the Mark according to the engagement/combat methods defined by the Bounty Type in order to successfully complete the Bounty Contract.

  • DISCLAIMER: Unless agreed upon by all parties, all general rules must be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in being placed on the Contractor's Board's Blacklist.

  • All interactions must take place within PvE Instances of any maps.

  • Marks cannot refuse combat against a Bounty Hunter. Marks can attempt to bribe, reason with, or flat-out surrender to the Bounty Hunter with no resistance, but once a Bounty Hunter initiates combat, the Mark is obligated to see it through.

  • Bounty Hunters may flee combat at any time, but suffer a Defeat in doing so. This is considered a free action with no rolls required (if d20 method is being used). {For Mark escapes, see Escape Attempt in Roll (/roll 20) Combat rules}

  • If real rewards are involved, defeated bounty Marks/Clients must pay it to successful Bounty Hunters.

  • Defeated Bounty Hunters must wait 24-hours before they can attempt the same Contract again.

  • Marks are prohibited from making extremely specific updates to EBHawk's HoloTracker chat feature. They may only list their planetary arrivals and departures.

  • The results (success or failure) of each Bounty attempt must be reported to the corresponding thread with a screenshot.

Combat Methods

Standard d20 (/roll 20) Dice System

  • All Players start with 4 HP. Reducing an opponent's HP to 0 results in that Player's defeat, and renders them incapacitated for the remainder of the encounter.

  • Combat begins with the Bounty Hunter's first attack roll. In a group setting, rolls for initiative are conducted with the highest-rolling Hunter making the first attack roll.

  • If both Players roll and tie 20, the Defending Player wins. Otherwise, both Players must re-roll in the event of other ties.

  • If the Attacking Player rolls a natural 20, they critically hit the target for 2 HP.

  • There are no critical failures for rolls of 1.

  • Each side (Joint Contracted Hunters vs. the Mark + Known Associates) is allotted one AoE attack per encounter.

  • "Cheese It!" - The Mark (not Known Associates) is allotted one escape attempt per encounter, which counts as a turn. The Mark cannot attack at the same time as escaping:
    - Rolling 19-20 results in the Mark and all Known Associates making a clean escape, ending all combat.
    - Rolling 16-18 results in the Mark escaping and exiting all combat, but the Known Associates remain behind to fight the Bounty Hunter(s).
    - Rolling 15 or below results in a failure to escape; The Mark and Known Associates must continue combat without another chance of escape.

  • It is the responsibility of the Players to truthfully and honestly report Rolls accurately. If Rolls are contested, Players must submit screenshots to validate their rolls; failure to do so will invalidate the encounter. Continued failure to submit screenshots of encounters may result in the offending Player being placed on the Contractor's Board's Blacklist.

Player vs. Player (/duel)

  • ADVISORY: This option favors end-level PvP and is loosely based on the "Traditional Bounty" style of Alyx Dynas' Bounty Board system.

  • Eligible for Classic Bounty Contracts (if enabled). For Exposed Contracts, the Mark will decide if it can be enabled, not the Client.

  • Duel requests must be initiated by the Bounty Hunter, but if anyone is flagged for PvP then either party may initiate combat. Engaging AFK Players or Players in the middle of typing are not valid kills.

  • No Player is allowed to utilize Companions.

  • Interactions in PvP Instances are prohibited.

Free Form RP Combat

There are no defined rules for the use of Free Form RP to settle engagements; If all participating Players agree to their own, self-written terms, then the Contractor Board will honor the reported outcome. However, in the event of any disputes between Players, the Contractor's Board will refer to the original rules and conditions specified in the listed Bounty Contract, and therefore, reports will be dismissed accordingly.

Additional Mechanics

Known Associates

Spoiler: Show

Joint Contracts

Spoiler: Show

Call For Back-Up

Spoiler: Show

Bonus Rewards and Conditions

Spoiler: Show

Reputation System

Spoiler: Show

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these bounties real?

Yes and no. Out-of-Character, for all intents and purposes, the Bounty Contracts are real as far as the Bounty Board's rules, conditions, participation, and rewards are concerned. If there are real rewards attached, the Player is expected and obligated to pay the successful Bounty Hunter -- so do not post bounties you cannot afford. In-character, the choice is yours. The Bounty Board was redesigned with role-play in mind, and players are encouraged to use it as a platform to facilitate or jump start in-character interactions between each other.

Can you give an example of how a bounty might go down?

Player A has a 100 credit bounty on their head. Player B spots Player A on Hutta and decides to attempt the bounty. The contract specifies /roll 20 combat as the method of combat, and so, Player B opens their emote up with an attack. As per the rules, Player A cannot refuse the attempt, and the two fight, where eventually, Player B defeats Player A. Upon defeat, Player A awards Player B with 100 credits, and either player submits a screenshot of the encounter to the corresponding Contractor's Board thread.

What if I decide not to pay?

Failure to reward successful Bounty Hunters will result in being placed on the Contractor's Board's blacklist. Those who post false or illegitimate information will also be placed on the blacklist.

Can I post a non-violent bounty?

Yes! So long as there is a way to determine the success or failure for the Bounty Hunter, then Bounty contracts can be created for a variety of reasons or purposes.

Is there a 'price range bracket' for low, medium, or high value bounties?

Here's a handy breakdown of Bounty Classifications:
MOST WANTED....250,000+ Credits
GALACTIC............50,000 - 250,000 Credits
REGIONAL............20,000 - 75,000 Credits
SECTOR, SYSTEM, PLANETARY/LOCAL...3,000 - 20,000 Credits

Why would I go out of my way to offer money to have my character beaten up?

To prove you're tough? To show that the hype you've created for your character is justified? To show people you are dangerous? Or simply to have some fun, immersive, spontaneous RP?

Why not just PVP?

In keeping with The Ebon Hawk as being a PvE-RP Server, the Bounty Board is designed to cater to the intended demographic. However, the Bounty Board does offer PvP-RP and Free Form RP options, and Players are more than welcome to create a variety of rules, conditions, and premises for specific contracts; the only requirement is that these details be clarified in the Contract, so all participating parties are on the same page. We discourage any sort of "RP Winning" mentality.

Are we allowed to list more people who can sub in as "Defenders"?

Only two Known Associates may openly defend a Mark in combat. Although more names may be listed under "Additional Information", those Players can only be treated as sources of information or anything else not having to do with combat mechanics that directly involve the Mark + KA's. They can be hostile in an IC context to Bounty Hunters and dealt with accordingly (through combat or otherwise if need be in isolated incidents), but they cannot interfere with an encounter (including encounter conclusions) involving a Mark or KA.

Why do Marks always end up on the Promenade?

This is mostly due to the high popularity of the Nar Shaddaa Prom being a cross-faction RP area. It is highly encouraged that Marks make it a challenge for Hunters to find them by exploring uncommon, less populated settings.

All Rules are subject to change; All Contracts are subject to the Contractors Board moderators scrutiny; The Contractors Board is not responsible for the RP/OOC actions of individuals.

Ricte edit - Added OOC note concerning wanted: Dead contracts and player deaths.
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