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Dossier: Taro Jett

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Taro Jett

Taro Jett wrote:
"The question is not one about morality it's about the bigger picture, it doesn't matter what I want, it's what the Empire needs."

Everything not in yellow is not considered public knowledge. Blue text is SIS knowledge, red text is Sith Intelligence knowledge. Either can be accessed by a skilled slicer. With everything else, please check with me OOC before using.

Known for his cold appraisal of both situations and people, Cipher 19's skills have atrophied very little during his time on the fringes of Imperial space. The free agent works tirelessly to keep the Empire safe and can be contacted via serveral means. For those looking to contact 19 in order to use his skill set in assassination, infiltration, and espionage, please make contact the following communications address [REDACTED]

Assassin, Jedi Killer and murderer of PoWs, Cipher 19 is a dangerous man not to be taken lightly. Cipher 19 is a master Marksman and using CQC does little as the Cipher's Echani training and blood gives him impressive hand to hand combat skills. The best way to fight off Cipher 19 is with high numbers and provide little room for him to slip away. Cipher 19 is deadly, manipulative and above all, a killer. He's murdered countless Republic officers and Jedi. If there is the opportunity to avoid contact with Cipher 19, it should be taken.

In the rare occurrence that he shows up on Vaiken Station these days, Taro Jett can be seen making his rounds near the central cantina. He'll occasionally purchase a beverage, either Corellian whisky or Juma Juice, and interact with the local patrons in order to get an idea of "What's going on." He seems attracted to "interesting banter" and spends much of his time discussing Imperial politics and battles with locals who are there to have a good time.
Tarozine "Taro" Xavier Jett
Born28 BTC or 3681 BBY
SpeciesEchani/Human (Cyborg)
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorSilver
AffiliationSith Empire
*Sith Intelligence
*Imperial Intelligence (Formerly)
*The Oathbound (Formerly)
*Sphere of Defense of the Empire (Formerly)
In-game nameTaro (Imperial)(Imperial)


Anything that appears in yellow is to be considered PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, anyone who has spoken to him knows this information and it can be used by everyone.
SE1F45p.jpg Full Name:Tarozine Xavier Jett
Preferred Name: Taro Jett
Aliases: Cipher 19, Vasiliev Rulov, Jett.
Occupation: Imperial Scout-Sniper, Autonomous Cipher Agent, Imperial Assassin
Language: Basic, Huttese, Cheunh (To a degree), Minnisiat
Religion: None.
Organizations: Imperial Intelligence (DISBANDED), Sphere of Defense of the Empire, Sith Intelligence, Operations Group Besh (DISBANDED), The Oathbound (Formerly).

Sexual orientation:Heterosexual


Alignment: Neutral Evil
At first glance Taro is well-mannered and quiet. He’s known to be quite flirty, charming and has had a reputation for being a lady’s man. Due to his cybernetic enhancements he is able to hear and understand things much faster and hear much more clearly than those with biological hearing. He’s also notorious for being incredibly hard to get drunk, having been recorded as being unphased after a bottle of Tihar. Furthermore, Taro can be quite sarcastic at times, popping the odd joke and being overly cordial with those he’s with. All of this is a façade. Jett holds an overall lack of sympathy for a lot of his surroundings and will take any action necessary to preserve the stability of the Sith Empire. This was exemplified during his execution of the Jedi Padawan, Kavalli Kaisarus when she discovered the location of an Imperial Camp on Mimban and the destruction of a sickened Felucian Village on Felucia for knowing the location of Imperial strongholds.

Taro’s lack of a morale compass can be attributed to years of fighting for the Empire and being effectively indoctrinated by Imperial Intelligence. There is the added notion of his son’s death at the hands of Darth Upsilon as well as the destruction of Ziost. There is no job Taro finds too distasteful to carry out, especially if it ensures the Empire’s safety. In this regard, Taro holds no remorse and while he’ll hide his cold gaze with a smirk or cover up his indifference to sentience with a sarcastic quip or compliment, Taro Jett should not be taken lightly, nor should eyes be taken off of him. He’s a killer through and through.


Biographical Information
Tarozine Xavier Jett was born to his parents Tarvus Trisanis and Chanel Jett on 28 BTC (3681 BBY) in New Adasta on Ziost. Tarvus was an Echani diplomat while Taro's mother Chanel was an officer in the diplomatic service. Tarozine's life was initially filled with prejudices given his status as a hybrid-alien. Where it not for his mother's rank in the Imperial Diplomatic service and her work in acting as ambassador to both the Mandalorian clans and the Echani on Echan, his childhood may have been far worse. Even with prejudices, and the fact that the Empire had just invaded the Republic, he was able to obtain an education on Dromund Kaas.

Upon turning eighteen, Taro enlisted for the Imperial Army. At this point, the Great War had been raging for 18 years and as a result, the Empire needed all the soldiers it could muster, especially after the war bogged down during the push to the Core. Taro finished his basic training and was shipped off to the front lines on Balmorra. There, he was to take part in a human wave attack down on the surface. During said attack he displayed a superior skill in his marksmanship. Following the fight, Taro was transferred to sniper division and joined the ranks of the Sniper Squad the "Dread Wraiths". The following years saw Taro rise through the ranks leading to him becoming a Captain and being placed in charge of the squad. The final year of the war saw Taro and the Wraiths travel to Felucia, the sight of a needlessly bloody battle over a simple Republic Listening post. What initially started as a simple skirmish became a full out war of attrition with the horrifying fauna of Felucia acting as a backdrop to the unspeakable carnage between Republic and Imperial forces. Taro and the Wraiths where tasked with infiltrating the Listening post and take it out from the inside. While the operation was a success, Taro was struck by an incendiary explosive. The blast landed right next to him, badly burning the right side of his face, destroying his organic hearing and putting him into a coma, one which he would not awake from for 3 years.

Early Career
3 years later Taro awoke from his comatose state, surprised to be welcomed by a Moff and the news that the Dread Wraiths had been wiped out. The Moff came with an invitation to join Imperial Intelligence, noting that Taro's skill in reconnaissance and his Marksmanship would make valuable assets to the organization. Without any real choice, Taro joined intelligence, retraining his skills, as well as learning the various other skills that that would lead to becoming a successful Agent. For his first assignment, Taro was to infiltrate the ranks of the Odestrian Imperium on their newly acquired planet of Cosengrad in Wild Space and retrieve an artifact for the which was “vital for Imperial interests in the sector.” Taro spent 2 months in deep cover as “Vasiliev Rulov” before successfully returning home to the Empire. For his success Taro was promoted to Cipher Agent, awarded the rank of Cipher 19 and given numerous other missions that required the use of long-range Target elimination.

Cipher 19
Following his successful introduction, 19 would go on to complete many missions for Intelligence and the Empire. During the opening years of the Cold war during an espionage mission of Voss, Taro became at odds with a Sith Assassin by the name of Kara Tos. The two played a sort of cat and mouse game as they had been assigned the same target. After a week, the two finally realized that they were being played in their respective superiors’ gestures of power and declared a truce. The two of them would later fall in love and get married. Kara would achieve status as a Darth, becoming Darth Raktos. Taro and Raktos would eventually harbor a son, Sunus.

Six years later, Kara's former master Darth Upsilon grew tired and vengeful due to his former apprentices’ betrayal. With Taro marrying her, she would focus more on her own individuality, rather than being an arm for Upsilon. As a gesture of this vengeance, Darth Upsilon captured and killed Taro and Kara's 6-year-old son. This event effectively ruined the relationship being Taro and Raktos, putting them in a position where they blamed each other for Sunus’ death. The one thing the two of them managed to agree on was revenge however. One month later, the two would confront Darth Upsilon on Ziost: Taro’s homeworld, where the Jett family lived peacefully, and where Sunus met his early fate.

Darth Raktos fought Upsilon on the ground while Taro provided ranged support. However; Upsilon proved too strong for Kara and she was nearly killed by a strong swipe from his lightsaber. Before this happened, Taro was able to fire off a shot with his blaster pistol while Upsilon remained open and distracted by his anger. The bolt blew off a portion of the Sith Lord's Jaw, flinging him to the ground. Trembling with fury the wounded Sith was unable to see Raktos's final attack, losing both legs and arms to the vengeful mother's crimson blade. Broken and humiliated, Taro and Kara elected to keep Upsilon alive, figuring that killing him would be a mercy. Unfortunately, Darth Upsilon was successful in splitting them up, both Taro and Kara divorced one month after the confrontation on Ziost.

Cipher 19 would continue his service to Intelligence until its dissolution due to the Star Cabal.

After Intelligence
Follow the disbanding of Imperial Intelligence in the days leading up to the Imperial defeat on Corellia, Taro, like all other Intelligence assets, was grouped with an external powerbase as the Galactic War raged on. In this case, at the behest of a certain Darth, Taro was assigned to the Sphere of Military Strategy to act as a scout and enforcer. This Darth, was, ironically, Darth Upsilon. At the time, he claimed to have held little ill-will towards Taro and his former loved ones. At that time however, Taro was in little position to question the place of his commission and worked with Upsilon for the remained of the year and into the next. Eventually, Taro was transferred from Darth Upsilon’s command at the behest of Darth Hestran, underling to Darth Marr in the Sphere of Defense of the Empire. This infuriated Upsilon, who saw it as an attempt to undermine his eventual revenge against Jett and Darth Raktos. Eventually, Upsilon relented and Taro was transferred to Hestran’s powerbase.

Under Hestran, Taro worked as an Imperial assassin and operative, free from the overarching eye of the Intelligence yolk he’d sat under during his time as Cipher 19. He eventually partnered up with a fellow former Cipher Agent, Cipher 66 fighting alongside her for a time until they eventually parted ways follow her retirement from active duty. When Sith Intelligence fully formed following the defeat of the Revanites on Yavin IV, Taro was transferred to the Sphere, once again at the behest of Darth Hestran who believed it would be a better use of his skills.

Operations Group Besh
When Taro was re-assigned to the Sphere of Sith Intelligence, he was placed in Operations Group Besh, one of the newest operation groups within the Organization. He re-adapted the moniker “Cipher 19” and was partnered with Cipher 20, a former Twi’lek slave who, like Taro, held an unwavering sense of duty, bordering on fanaticism. Ciphers 19 and 20 would work together on many assignments, most notably the assassination of Republic General Artos Varr on Balmorra. They also worked in tandem during Besh’s trying time, aborting a conspiracy movement from within Intelligence itself.

For Taro, this was what he desired and his work for Operations Group Besh ultimately led to him feeling as though he was working towards a proper goal for the Empire. However, when Vitiate returned and consumed Ziost, Taro nearly had a mental breakdown. He shut himself into his Dromund Kaas apartment, not leaving for three days until his partner, Cipher 20, comforted him and led to his return to active duty.

However, the destruction of New Adasta and a majority of the Sith Intelligence bureaucracy was to much for the organization to handle and Operations Group Besh was disbanded in the ensuing re-structuring.

Dissolution of Besh and further work
Following the dissolution of Operations Group Besh, Taro returned to the broader Sith Intelligence bureaucracy. He was eventually given the autonomy rewarded to most Cipher Agents from the days of Imperial Intelligence. He was to stick to working for Imperial assets and with this, Jett chose to work along side Darth Hestran once again in the Sphere of the Defense of the Empire. At this point, Taro as Cipher 19, was an Imperial Assassin, a “cleaner” of sorts for Darth Hestran. Whenever the Darth needed a threat slain, Taro would do so without hesitation. Taro was still free to work on his own missions of course, however he strictly bound himself to the powerbase of Darth Hestran.

Catching up with Darth Upsilon and Endgame
In 3638 BBY Taro was given one of his final assignments for his handler Darth Hestran. An old cyborg sith was causing a stir in the Dark Council, attempting to start a sort of coup against the power of Darth Marr. This cyborg happened to be Darth Upsilon, the sith lord whom Taro and his now Ex-wife Kara had defeated and humiliated years earlier. Given this history, Taro took the assignment without hesitation and his mission was officially sanctioned by the Dark Council Taro tracked Upsilon around Dromund Kaas, shadowing the elder Sith Lord wherever he went. He eventually cornered the supposedly weakened old man into a secluded area of Kaas City, it was there that Darth Upsilon revealed the extent of his cybernetic augmentation. He had effectively passed beyond being a human, with much of his torso and remaining biology replaced with a durasteel exoskeleton. While considerably hampering his connection to the Force, Upsilon made up for it with his super-human strength, speed and power. Following a long and grueling fight, having sustained a stab wound to both his thigh and his left bicep, Taro killed Darth Upsilon by damaging the Cyborg’s durasteel chasis with his Vibroknife and jamming a Thermal detonator into the hole. When the grenade exploded, Upsilon shattered, the remaining biology was burned away and the area was littered with bits and pieces of the former Darth’s body. Having finally put that part of his past to rest Taro visited Kara for a brief couple of hours and told her what happened. Taro went on leave for a couple of months following the battle to rest and recover from his injuries. When he returned to duty, he did so under the command of Sith Intelligence proper once again.

Conquest of the Eternal Empire
When Darth Marr died chasing the former Sith Emperor into Wild Space, the entire Empire began to rupture. Taro managed to avoid the infighting along with Darth Hestran, defending the Sith Lord when he attempted to make his own bid to replace Marr as head of the Sphere of Defense of the Empire. When Zakuul’s invasion made its way into the heart of the Republic and Empire, Taro went into hiding. His standing as Cipher 19 and as a vital Imperial asset made him a target for the Zakuulan military and thus Taro erased any trace of his existence before disappearing deep into Imperial territory. During this time, Taro became a sell-sword, living for a brief time as a mercenary and assassin-for-hire until he eventually returned to Imperial space following the Treaty with Zakuul.

During this time, Taro spent most of his time as a Merc even gather a cadre of followers that called themselves “The Crimson Legion.” After a botched mission to Zakuul in which their client was assassinated by the former Cipher 20, Taro gave up the life of a mercenary, returning to the Imperial yolk as an agent in Sith Intelligence. He took the name Cipher 19 once again but it was no longer a rank, it was a symbol. Cipher 19 was just like any other name and it eventually became a story in and of itself.

When Zakuul’s hold over the Galaxy began to slip, Taro was approached to join the organization Oathbound. While his time was brief, he did lead a mission to Felucia in which he managed to obtain information regarding a lost Jedi Master. Following his return to the organization’s base, he left the Oathbound, for what, nobody is certain.

Current Events
Since leaving Oathbound, Taro dropped out of the public eye. Cipher 19 sits as a ghost on the fringes of Imperial space, still contacted on occasion by Darths, Moffs and other key Imperials who require his services. Taro Jett will occasionally appear on Vaiken Spacedock for a drink albeit briefly before disappearing once more. It is doubt-able that Cipher 19 stays in one place for too long, but one thing is certain. If the Empire needs him, Cipher 19 is on call and will fight, for the glory of the Empire.



Armaments:Precise and deadly, Cipher 19's armaments vary from his favored Imperial style LRS-182 to his DN-26H Blaster pistol. His full list of Armaments are as follows :
  • Modified Czerka Corperation LRS-182 Sniper Rifle
  • BlasTech DN-26H Blaster Pistol
  • Twin Czerka Corperation SB-2 Vibroknives (One with Stun capabilities)
  • Merr-Sonn SNB Sonic Charges x2
  • Merr-Sonn TFB Thermal Detonators x7
  • BlasTech Wrist Mounted Scatterblaster

Armor: One of Nineteen's more recognizable features was his armor. Although the Cipher would regularly change Armor, there was one feature that mostly always remained the same: His cracked mask that had been damaged by his long-time nemesis Jedi Master Terrim Kaisarus.

RD-107A Imperial Recon Armor: This one Nineteen's most recognizable set of Armor as well as his favourite. This set consisted of a lightweight Durasteel-Plasteel hardshell, with a lighter underlay and mesh. The suit contained his officer bars on the right side of his chest and featured a smooth Black finish. The armor also contained a stealth field generator. Nineteen would wear this armor on most occasions that required stealth, and quick movement. This would also be the set he would be seen during his time off, moving about Viaken looking for something to do.
Spoiler: Show

RD-108B Imperial Urban Sharpshooter Armor: Similar in design to Nineteen's RD-107A, the 108B featured a much more heavy duty overlay in order to aid in protection against the dangers of Urban combat. The 108B featured many similar features to the 107A , such as the officer bars and the Stealth field Generator. The biggest noted change, other than the heavier overlay, is the change in boots to a much more heavy duty design. The 108B featured a crimson overlay with a Jet black underlay along with several maroon accents to it. This was Cipher 19's second most used set of armor.
Spoiler: Show



I'm usually up for RP on Taro when he appears on fleet. Should any Darth or high ranking official require his skill set, sending an in-character mail message to "Taro" will yield he best results. Additionally, it would be a good idea to include an OOC time and date for the RP. My time in game and on Taro are limited so if you want to RP, contacting me via a DM on Enjin also works!

Spoiler: Jon HammShow

Spoiler: Jason StathamShow

His theme songs are listed below
Spoiler: Theme songsShow
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Edited to add images of the two sets of armor I had described
That look, the mention of CQC, it has me thinking MGS.
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Updated with post-KOTFE things such as personality Changes and Commando things
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Edit, I've changed/retconned multiple things pertaining to his post-Kotfe storyline.
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Massive overhaul done this whole Dossier, spelling changed and the whole thing flows much better.

Added OOC notes with more to come.
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