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Bounty Hunter Guide & Directory

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Contractor's Board

A bounty hunter is any private individual that tracks down and captures or kills fugitives, criminals, and any other sentient lifeform for a reward. Often terribly mislabeled as mercenaries - whose allegiances are for sale and their focus is on soldiering mentalities - some bounty hunters do lend their services in positions typically associated with mercs as guns-for-hire, hitmen, or bodyguards. They can be found anywhere in the galaxy, working for anyone, most notably along the wild frontiers of the Outer Rim filling the gaps where law enforcement is scarce or non-existent. Locals may treat them with mistrust, fear, or respect due to their work - work that must be done. They are ruthless, unstoppable, and formidable. No matter where you go, no matter where you hide, you can't keep a bounty hunter off your tail forever.


Stretching back thousands of years to the days of Xim the Despot and his members of the dreaded, secretive GenoHaradan, bounty hunting is an ancient, time-tested career. There is no direct time reference for exactly when certain bodies like the Bounty Brokers Association and the Bounty Hunters Guild cropped up, but there is evidence to suggest the existence of at least one such collective coalition of Trandoshan bounty hunters about 25,000 years before Emperor Palpatine's rise.

Hunters are seen by history as many things: dangerous vigilantes, bloodthirsty thugs, and greedy opportunists come to mind, but nothing is more relevant historically than their effect on crime. In the heart of an urban megacity, law enforcement can’t even go to some places without ever being seen again; their warrants spat on, their hands tied by government bureaucracy or corruption, their tactics ineffective. In these places and on the fringes of space where the law is absent or weak, a bounty hunter becomes necessary for justice to be served properly. Some are underworld figures seeking fame and riches. Still others honestly believe themselves to be lawmen doing the right thing for the right reasons when nobody else is brave enough.

While they have more favorable association with the Sith than the Republic, bounty hunters have been generally considered as neutral in any large-scale conflict. During the Great Hyperspace War, for example, bounty hunters worked alongside Jedi to assist the hunting down of scattered Sith elements. Ironically, with their specialized no-holds-barred training, deceptive tactics, exotic weaponry, and eagerness to boost their reputations, bounty hunters make excellent "Jedi Killers" in any era.

The Great Hunt

Exclusive to bounty hunters was the galaxy-spanning tournament known as "The Great Hunt". It started as a competition for glory among Mandalorians as a test of skill on the jungle moon of Dxun. Over time, this blood sport became an open competition in which any of the galaxy's warriors could compete. A total of three Great Hunts were called during the Great Galactic War, and another three were held during the subsequent Cold War. The Hunts during the Cold War consisted of thirty-two contestants sponsored by various patrons, and the competitors were narrowed down over four rounds. Contestants were only permitted to kill each other if they were competing for the same bounty, and any violations or attempts to rig the odds from the outside resulted in kill-on-sight bounties. In 55 BTC, Hedarr Soongh became the youngest bounty hunter to ever win and become a Grand Champion.


Whether they are independent or part of an organization, bounty hunters have only one thing on their mind: money, fame, glory, justice, the thrill of the hunt, or some combination thereof. How they approach this varies per the individual along with their personal professionalism, integrity, and ethics or morality. The spectrum can be filled with literally anyone with a blaster looking to make a quick credit and thus there exists less savory hunters that end up being no better than the criminals they hunt. Hunters hail from different walks of life; they may have been a soldier, a police officer, or their race may be predisposed to the rigors of the profession. Mandalorians often work as bounty hunters when not waging war to earn honor and challenges as their unique training, mindset, and weaponry give them an impressive edge above the competition. Rodians revere bounty hunters as heroes and gods. No matter what their reasons or who they are, all hunters are defined by their most basic commonalities - they are inquisitive by nature, distrustful of others, tactically proficient, and take pride and satisfaction in their work.

Some may see bounty hunting as a civil service, but most of the galaxy have come to fear acquisitions and the hunters that chase them since innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire of such encounters. So when a known mark comes walking in, you may just see a lot of people get out real fast; More so if a hunter comes knocking. People will do everything to get out of the hunter's way and out of the area, since hunters won't think twice about interrogating someone who might know something to help them get the bounty (depending on the hunter and their methods of course).


Acquisition ; Mark ; Merchandise ; Quarry - The individual whom the bounty is placed on; no longer seen as a person any more, but as mere cargo.
Bounty killer - A derogatory term for hunters who compulsively or habitually kill their acquisitions.
Skip-trace - Collecting information about a person who has "skipped town".
Originator ; Client - The entity that puts up the bounty or reward, whether it be a government agency, individual, or corporation.
Contractor - An organizational official who determines which hunter tracks down and apprehends an acquisition.
Receiver - A designated person, official, or location where an acquisition is delivered after being apprehended.

Code of Conduct

To say that hunters have no code of honor among themselves is false but so is it to say that they all abide by a code. Despite their fierce competitive natures and anti-social dispositions, there have been instances of positive workflow out of respect. During Emperor Palpatine's reign, the Bounty Hunters Guild had an entire written Creed in regards to cross-hunter interactions. These tenets are the basic collection of rules that hunters claim. While there are traits in personality and faith that you see common among hunters, these are the most defining characteristics. Although the existence of the BHG during the Great Galactic War era is debatable, these tenants remain as unspoken truths:

-People Don't Have Bounties, Only Acquisitions Have Bounties When a person gets a price on their head, they are no longer a person. He’s an acquisition. He’s hard merchandise. That’s what moral crusaders don’t understand about hunters - we’re not the villains and we didn’t post the bounty. The target did the bad stuff. You’re not the target’s judge, or his conscience, or his mother. You’re an agent of justice who will drag him in for what he did.
-Capture by Design, Kill by Necessity Every bounty hunter should be focused on bringing in their quarry alive and keeping lethal measures reserved. Unnecessary deaths attract unwanted attention and too much of that can land a hunter in hot water. While being a "bounty killer" provides a fearsome aura, it makes you out to be a deranged thug or assassin. Never go outside the terms of the contract.
-No Hunter Shall Slay Another Hunter Bounty hunters will rarely openly attack a competitor. In fact most organizations that deal with bounties will not allow contracts to be placed on its own members or affiliated bounty hunters at large unless the crime is severe enough.
-No Hunter Shall Interfere with Another’s Hunt Bounty hunting is a careful art. It can take months of prep to locate a target’s hidey-hole. Don’t dishonor a fellow hunter by kicking over his cards.
-In the Hunt, One Captures or Kills, Never Both None of that “killed while trying to escape” stuff, said with a wink and a smirk. If you capture live you deliver live. This includes treating the mark with medical aid, if during the course of the hunt they sustained serious bodily injury and will likely die if left untreated.
-No Hunter Shall Refuse Aid to Another Hunter A large enough bounty will encourage multiple hunters to forge temporary alliances and split the winnings mutually. Dangerous prey may have to be taken down with coordinated effort. If a hunter requests assistance with such, oblige him, but be sure to haggle your cut before the takedown.


The best hunters in the business are marked by their experiences, cunning, skill, and arsenal. After all, they might drop as many credits on a new top-of-the-line blaster rifle as they would a whole starship. Above everything, a hunter is known by their reputation. Do they kill every acquisition they come across? Do they lie, steal, or cheat to get what they want? Do they accept a bribe and look the other way or do they see the job through to completion? Good or ill, a reputation can mean everything and be the deciding factor of what bounties a hunter can go after.

Be forever mindful that reputation is a two-edged blade; It can take a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy. An originator representing the Sith Empire might not want to do business with a Republic-aligned hunter and vice-versa. Depending on their fame or infamy, a hunter might walk into a cantina and the moment they set foot inside it's either A) Blasters blazing B) Handshakes and back-patting or C) Nobody pays any mind to them whatsoever. The more professional and successful a bounty hunter is, the greater their reputation - the greater chances that higher paying clients would desire their services.

The Hunt

So where do you find bounties? Sometimes the information is a wall away on a Wanted Poster for local-level contracts. Higher up the chain, a hunter can access a HoloNet-based bounty board provided by groups like the Bounty Brokers Association. After accepting a bounty contract, the hunt begins! Locating the acquisition is the largest and most resource-consuming aspect; They are one lifeform in a galaxy of countless lifeforms and they don't wish to be found.

As a hunter, you must strive to stay three steps ahead of your mark and use any means necessary to trap them. Skip-tracing becomes a critical tool in any bounty hunter's bag. Questioning and interrogating relatives, friends, co-workers, and scorned lovers will yield great results. Underworld informants, data hounds, and spies that have their finger on a planetary pulse are the best sources. When you know you're close, it helps to have droids programmed to seek out your target and narrow them down to the finest unit of measurement. Be wary of misinformation and double-speak that aims to throw you off. Teach those kinds of people a lesson they won't forget if it comes down to it.

Once the mark is in your sights, the method of capture is at the hunter's discretion. Do you barge in and let your blaster do the talking? Do you infiltrate the acquisition's gang and spirit them away quietly? Do you offer an ultimatum? No matter the option, getting restraints slapped on their wrists is the same as hearing a till drawer close; the contract is as good as yours, if you can deliver them to a Receiver in one piece.


Bounty hunters come in two flavors as either independent "lone wolf" freelancers or as the member of an organization dedicated to bounty hunting such as a guild, royal house, clan, company etc. The profession otherwise has no widespread structure per se outside of an established organization's policies and there is little government oversight.

Freelance - Hunters that operate for and by themselves where benefits are as high as you wish and the profits are yours to keep. You are ultimately in control of your own career; you take whatever jobs you wish, you answer to nobody, your hands are not tied by regulations, you can sleep in late and take extended vacations if that's your thing, whatever you can imagine. A strict dress code? Screw that noise! Nothing beats being independent and free, making your own destiny and working for the highest bidder. It all sounds like a great deal. The drawbacks?...
  • You will have virtually no support network and no back-up. You have to build it yourself.
  • Well-paying jobs can be few and far between without the right connections. You'll be chasing your next meal more than your next target.
  • You will often learn mistakes the hard way - if you live long enough to learn them at all.
  • Every little piece of gear or equipment you need must acquired.
  • Every license and bits of paperwork you need to operate in some sectors of space are your responsibility.
  • Your medical bills won't be cheap. Neither are ammo expenditures.
  • There is no shield between you and legal action should you screw up royally or kill/maim/disintegrate somebody that didn't need to be.
  • You may even find yourself in an early grave. Alone.

Organizational - Hunters that band together to form bounty hunting guilds do so out of solidarity, mutual benefit, and collective brotherhood. Organizational bounty hunters are provided with the tools they need to succeed - armor, weapons, gadgets, training, starships, either at no charge or at very little cost to their members. It may fall apart on you and it may not always be cutting edge, but did it get the job done? Should you require aid during a hunt, the organization will (hopefully, Force-willing) provide aid. Rules and policies are enforced to ensure that clients are getting the best service possible. Reliable information and intel networks make it easier and faster to trace and pinpoint your target. Jobs will be handed to you regularly by an assigned contractor - except you won't have the freedom to choose which jobs and the payout is not negotiable. Oh, and be sure to pay your dues, hidden fees, upkeep fees, penalty fees and so on - which may leave you going home with ten credits instead of one-hundred.


During the Cold War, the Sith Empire needed to expediently replenish and bolster its ranks. To do this, they offered huge sums of credits to large numbers of capable mercenaries and bounty hunters alike for their brutal methods, irreplaceable skills, and sharp specialties. The Empire welcomed those who accepted with open arms and turned them against the regulation burdened and overly-budgeted Galactic Republic. The Great Hunt was even held on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, attracting hunters from across the galaxy to compete against one another for the chance to earn the title and fame of Grand Champion (of whom, one succeeded). As of 13 ATC, bounty hunters as a whole continue to offer their services to anyone willing to pay.

Despite the onslaught of the Eternal Empire's invasion, bounty hunting remained an opportunistic venture for many. The occupation itself does not appear to be practiced by native Zakuulans and may even be outlawed on their utopia-styled homeworld.


Is bounty hunting perfect for you? Think you've got the guts for it? By all means, pick up that gun and those cuffs and show society's demons what you can do. Go out and carve your name into the stars!

  • Do bounty hunters kill for money?
    Yes, but not indiscriminately, and only when a legally-issued bounty contract requires the death of a criminal acquisition as part of its terms.

  • Are bounty hunters assassins?
    No. Assassins kill (innocent) individuals for political or religious motives, often with no payment expected.

  • Are bounty hunters mercenaries?
    No. Mercenaries are freelance soldiers hired to serve in foreign armies whose allegiances can switch at the drop of a hefty credit case.

  • Do laws apply to bounty hunters?
    Yes. Bounty hunters are still civilians and are equally expected to comply with local galactic laws, whether they be Republic, Imperial, Hutt, or whatever. While some bounty hunters are known to operate on both sides of the law, they run the risk of one day having a price marked on their own heads for doing so.


    • It is possible the Sith Empire requires hunters to possess a license issued by the Sphere of Imperial Law and Justice in order to operate in Imperial Space legally. Conversely, the Galactic Republic requires a "Certificate of Deputization" to operate in their sovereign territories.
    • Teaming up with a bounty hunter is often considered desperate and ill-advised as they are concerned primarily with their own benefit and welfare over anyone else.
    • Bounty hunting is an illegal act in some parts of known space where it is seen as kidnapping.

    Writing: Tervho Mereel ; Fancy Owl ; Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Code source book
    Graphics: Beviin
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Contractor's Board


Please list your character's name, a link to their dossier (optional), and their affiliation status - whether they are Independent or part of a Bounty Hunters Guild


Aarst Dral
Aldoe - Bounty Brokers Association
Caitriana Stendan
Calyr Lirsa
Cin'ritir Drahr
Colyen Shukla
Daeria Malcolm
Eirron Lirsa
El'nora Olgkru
Eryton Krayne
Jak Rybern - Bounty Brokers Association
Jarnleikr - Clan Orade
Jîx Hendrix
Jyanna Templeton
Kahir Merriq
Pyne - Bounty Hunters Guild
Rahm Orade - Clan Orade
Rexarn Onassey † - Krayt Tactical / The Hive
Reyzcak V'beke
Rh'zialle het Mak'toth
Ritalya "Fencer" Yarrik - Krayt Tactical
Riukii Talsyn
Roman Jai'gtin
Ryze Yakoto
Sen Kyrs - Bounty Brokers Association
Sentac Bratik
Setherion Jehaatir
Sveni Thadeca
Taakur'kad Bev'miir
Tor'ika Beroya
Tracinya "Trace" Sheo
Ty'kir Faals - Bounty Brokers Association
Tyrasia Lirsa
Varik Taves
Vasilli Bev'miir - Bounty Hunters Guild

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Name: Roman Jai'gtin
Affiliation: Licensed by Imperial Standards, Registered to BBA, Member of Clan Jaig (Attached to Clan Rikat)
Posted Jul 17, 15
Name: Jak Rybern
Affiliation: Bounty Broker's Association

“We have only one story. All novels, all poetry, are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal. Vice has always a new fresh young face, while virtue is venerable as nothing else in the world is." -- John Steinbeck, East of Eden

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Name: Reyzcak V'beke
Affiliation: Licensed by Imperial Standards, Registered to Bounty Broker's Association, Member of Clan Mereel

Name: Seven
Affiliation: Neutral
Posted Jul 17, 15
Name: Qell'zik
Affiliation: Freelance
Posted Jul 17, 15
Name: Sveni Thadeca
Affiliation: Freelance
Posted Jul 17, 15
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Name: Varik Taves
Affiliation: Freelance
Posted Jul 17, 15
Untagged users
Name: Fïve
Affiliation: Freelance
Posted Jul 17, 15
Name: Tracyn'bes'laar
Affiliation: Freelance
Posted Jul 18, 15
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