Please review the following to ensure clarity of information, maximize promotion, and confirm activity.

1. Use the appropriate label for a Stronghold's level of in-game access. Note that cross-Faction-enabled Strongholds will NOT appear in the in-game Directory for the opposite Faction (i.e. A Republic Player's Nar Shaddaa Stronghold may be open to both Factions, but will not necessarily appear in the Nar Shaddaa Directories for Imperial Players).

Republic: Stronghold is available to Republic players on the in-game Directory
Empire: Stronghold is available to Imperial players on the in-game Directory

2. Place 'Quick Information' at the top of the thread.

Owner: In-game Character's name (Faction)
Keyholders: List three in-game characters who have Silver-Key access, including their Factions
Stronghold: In-game Stronghold name listing, Stronghold type
Location: In-character location
Premise: In-character premise and Organizational alignment (e.g. Jedi Order, Underworld)
Security: Summary of in-game security and NPC staff
Notes: Other important information, including links to associated event threads

3. EH Community will conduct activity checks alongside Guild Check-ins every four months to ensure activity and minimize clutter. Inactive threads will be locked, so as to preserve Stronghold information.