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Sand People Writing and Roleplay Guide

8 replies
In this guide I'll be showing you a few ways I personally write and roleplay for Sand People in the Star Wars Universe. I also want to clear some common misconceptions about sand people in the Star Wars canon.

I should preface this guide by saying, I am not an expert. I know a whole lot about Sand People/ghorfa/tusken raiders, and honestly I don't think it would be a stretch to say that I am one of the biggest fans of this particular race in the world. That being said, I am not their creator, so while I know almost everything that was ever officially released about them, I don't claim to be the be all end all source of information. A lot of this guide will also dip into some fanon, so just be mindful that this is not definitive by any stretch of the imagination. The goal of this guide is to be a helpful source for writers and roleplayers on Sand People in the Star Wars galaxy!

Without further ado, let's get right into it.
Spoiler: Anatomy of a Sand PersonShow
Spoiler: Clothing of a Sand PersonShow
Spoiler: Naming a Sand PersonShow
Spoiler: Choosing a Class/WeaponsShow
Since the old EU became Legends, a lot of this should not be considered Canon. Everything below is Legends information about the history of the Sand People.

This is just a brief explanation of where Sand People came from, and their cultural history according to them. Before you use any of this in your writing, note that the Sand People storyteller is the only member of a Sand People tribe able to utter the story of the Sand People, at least according to Legends. If anyone else from the tribe utters a part of the story wrong, it means immediate banishment or death.

Spoiler: Kumumgah & RakataShow
Spoiler: The Long WalkShow
Spoiler: Raid on Fort TuskenShow
Spoiler: Sand People CarvingShow

Spoiler: ClothingShow

Spoiler: WeaponsShow

Spoiler: DietShow

Spoiler: HomeShow

Spoiler: RaidingShow

Spoiler: Societal Roles and JobsShow

Spoiler: TechnologyShow

Spoiler: Miscellaneous ItemsShow


Spoiler: BanthasShow

Spoiler: Other Creatures of TatooineShow

Spoiler: ReligionShow

Spoiler: The ForceShow

Spoiler: Leaving TatooineShow

Spoiler: RitualsShow

Spoiler: LanguageShow

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them in the comments, and I'll answer them to the best of my abilities below!
Posted Mar 1, 15 · OP · Last edited Jun 25, 16
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Added a quick addendum to societal roles. If you plan on playing a female sand person/play a female sand person I recommend checking it out! Also I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about sand people, (the FAQ section is there for a reason) so if you have any, lemme know!
Posted Mar 3, 15 · OP
Thank you so much for the guide, this helps me flesh out my little sand person Gruaakh way more, now we need to RP in one way or another (Cross faction can be a pain!) so I can pick up some more sand person mannerisms from Igdo.
Posted Apr 8, 15
Thank you so much for the guide, this helps me flesh out my little sand person Gruaakh way more, now we need to RP in one way or another (Cross faction can be a pain!) so I can pick up some more sand person mannerisms from Igdo.
Absolutely! I'm always willing to RP sand people stuff!
Posted Apr 8, 15 · OP
Awesome guide! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.
Posted Jun 5, 15
Update 7/29/2015
  • Title Change from Sand Person 101 to Sand People Guide and Directory
  • Created 'Directory' section
  • Added a new subsection 'Sand People Carving' to History.
  • Added a new subsection 'Miscellaneous Items' to Culture & Lifestyle
  • New information added to 'Diet'
  • New information added to 'Other Creatures of Tatooine'
  • New information added to 'Rituals'
  • New information added to 'Religion'

I know there won't be many Sand People characters in the directory, but if you have one, be sure to list them here!
Posted Jul 29, 15 · OP · Last edited Jul 29, 15
Igdo, thank you SO much for this. This is an AMAZING resource, and I will be referring to it regularly when RPing my new character. Here he is:

Name: Urkali
Tribe/Affiliation: Banished from the Stone Chewer tribe (for arguing in favor of technology), now a crewman on the pirate vessel "The Listing Hen".
Faction: Empire
Dossier: <Pending>
Posted Dec 7, 15 · Last edited Dec 7, 15
Updated this guide big time! If you used this guide in the past, I might recommend skimming through it really quick again. I added information about the new Legends designation for the old EU stuff. So now, instead of Canon and Fanon, there are three categories: Legends, Canon, and Fanon!
Posted Jun 25, 16 · OP
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Making a note that since the site has changed domains with the server merges, the link to Igdo's guide is now broken. Here's the new link:
Thoniviel | Lyfa | Ârista | Pan
Posted Apr 21, 18