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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [1096]
Wed at 23:43
Tuvara Village, on Malrev IV is bustling as everyone begins making preparations for the weekly pit fight (Tuvara village SH, Imperial Tatooine, whisper Thamüs Vannis )
Sat at 1:23
The Jedi Practicum will be beginning shortly on Voss ((Walk of the Masters, Instance 3))
Sun at 1:09
An assembly of various shady characters have made their way toward Point Nelere on Vendaxa... (Black market day has begun! Poke Ravnie for keys!)
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Star Forge Theme 1.0

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Graphic Artist
I copied this theme over from Star Forge PvE & PvP Community, where I originally made it. This theme might poofsypoof in due time once a different one has been made, but until then, this one will stay.

I can't possibly detect all the faulty enjin bits and pieces by myself. Thus, if you see anything that feels off or that you'd like to see improved, take a screenshot of the instance, describe it shortly and post it in this thread!

Furthermore, improvements will be made from time to time with minor updates. In other news, if you spot something that's changed, don't freak out. Fine tuning is all part of the progress of finishing things. Other than that, all suggestions for future potential themes are welcome! Fancy anything seasonal? Celebrating any special event? Let us/me know!

WIP List:
  • Logo
  • Go through bad padding on various sections
  • Improve forum icons & breadcrumbs
  • Custom fonts?
  • Fix Latest Threads text-overflow
  • Fix bugs, buttons & borders

Known Bugs List:

Spoiler: LogShow
Posted Nov 28, 17 · OP · Last edited Dec 8, 17
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I just wanted to pop in and thank Ravnie for helping us out with this. I've been working to correct things like incorrect links and things on the backend, and then the holiday popped up and between that and work I hadn't been able to find time to sit down and do this.

This is really well-done and I'm happy with it.

But yeah, if you find bugs, let us know. I'll see what I can do about those that have already been mentioned.
Posted Nov 28, 17
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